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A contract manufacturing leader for
food supplements
and FSMP
Mixtures, granulates, capsules and tablets
Blisters, bottles, sachets and cases
Internal microbiological analysis
Analysis lab
Innovative formulations and feasibility studies
Research and development
The firm
FMC was founded in May 31st, 2000 by Doctor Francesco Maria Cappucci, pharmacist, always passionate about galenical preparations.
The firm

Today FMC is a leading firm in the production and packaging of food supplements and FSMP, capsules, powders, effervescent granulates, blisters, bottles, sachets and cases.


A 30 people's team of highly qualified personnel grants a full support to our clients, assuring quality, formulation and regulatory assistance, research and development.


Our brand new, modern and efficient manufacturing plant was inaugurated in September 2019 with a surface of 4800 square metres, 1200 of which destined to production and packaging; Our Clean Room was built following pharmaceutical standards.



The structure covers a surface of 4800 square metres, 1200 of which destined to production and packaging

Our services

Experience, competitiveness, quality and safety


FMC is able to produce:
TABLETS  (swallowable, chewable, oro-dispersible, film-coated, enteric-coated and/or timed-release) - capsules type “0” and “4” (animal, vegetal and acid-resistant)


FMC is able to grant packaging of tablets, capsules and soft-gel both in a bottles and blister and packaging of powders and effervescent granulates in single-dose sachets

Quality control

All the production and packaging phases are subject to rigid controls by highly qualified staff according to HACCP and GMP FOOD standards. With its internal laboratories, FMC performs microbiological analysis on all production batches and utilises external laboratories which are accredited for allergens and contaminants analysis



Daily production



Daily production



Daily production

Analysis laboratory

Our laboratory for quality control has been active since October 2014. The structure has technological instrumentation able to perform analysis of various food matrices (capsules, tablets, powders).
The laboratory is equipped with instrumentation that guarantees sterility, precision and accuracy.
A specialised team ensures careful sampling by the production line and an accurate analysis of the samples collected, in the shortest time, ensuring a continuity line between production and quality control. To this purpose our laboratory has as primary goal safety of the food supplements and FSMP, guaranteeing hygiene for the entire production cycle

Research and development

FMC’s policy is of assisting and collaborating with our clients in every step, from the idea to concretisation/ realisation of the product. This is why FMC, in the last years, invested much in research and development, utilising its research laboratories equipped with reduced scale instruments, aiming to develop innovative formulations thanks to a team of experts.

the firm makes available the experience of qualified staff and of certified consultants to our clients for perfecting formulations of new products, for drafting texts and graphics
We start off from accurate research of selected raw materials endorced by clinical studies, bibliography and scientific material
In this phase we perform pilot tests to determine the fittest pharmaceutical form (tablets, capsules, powders), to find possible criticalities and to optimise the production process
Finally, on the finished product we perform analytic verifications, compatibility between ingredients, accurate selection of excipients and studies on accelerated stability thanks to climatic chambers Memmert.
Currently several patents on high quality raw materials and exclusive formulations are in an advanced study phase.


GMP Certification

Released on 03/02/2020 for the
production and packaging of food supplements
for third parties in solid form
(capsules, tablets and granules)

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Daily production



Daily production



Performed in one year

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